how supplements are measured in the order of micrograms (1/1000 mg) in everyday foods and beverages?

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Like bro how did you put exactly 2.4 mcg of Vitamin B12 in my drink again? Seems like even correctly measuring mg would be tough enough. We are talking millionth of grams here.

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They don’t weigh out only one drink or pill’s worth, they mix up a huge batch of all the ingredients, then portion it out one entire serving’s worth at a time. The size of the batch is big enough to make the weighing easy and accurate.

Edit: thought you said milligrams were a millionth of a gram and corrected that, but either I misread you, or you caught it and fixed already.

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If you put 1g of a supplement in 1000 liters water, you get 1 ug in 1 ml water, which is easy to measure

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They aren’t making one can of monster energy at a time. They make one big tank of it and then fill cans.