How the hell do newborn animals communicate?


How the hell do newborn animals communicate?

In: Biology

Body language, pheremones, sound, not at all sometimes. Kinda depends on what animals you’re talking about.

Most newborns only communicate their unhappiness and little else. By crying out until held, fed, cleaned etc. There’s really not that much communication going on until they get a little older.

And from there it just builds up. For instance, a baby will start reaching for things it wants. That’s pure body language right there.

They’ll learn to manipulate. Newborns cry to alert their parents to their discomfort. But when they’re a little older, they learn they can cry to manipulate their parents even if they’re not in immediate discomfort. For instance, a puppy learns to cry and whine to get your attention and affection or a more delicious snack. Whereas a newborn puppy would whine because it’s cold, hungry, in pain. More immediate needs.