how the hell flies can fly for extended durations without landing or resting?


i am watching a couple of tiny fruit flies hovering around in my office for like at least half an hour at this point and they still do their thing without any sign of stopping, how this is possible? they are tiny, they are ugly, they barely have any flesh/fat to store energy so how the hell they do it? I can understand the big bois like horse flies or bumblebees but these are really smole. What is the efficiency of their flight organs?

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They’re incredibly light. Things that small and with so little mass basically play by different rules.

Some small animals actually use their electric charge to move through the air, it’s basically levitation. Those baby spiders that use silk strands to fly to new territory can do that.

At their weight, air is basically liquid. They are swimming through air. Gravity has almost no impact, which is why when you knock a insect off a desk and they hit the floor, the are 100% unscathed despite falling the proportional equivalent of a skyscraper’s distance.

I recommend you watch this two part video on the size of life. Really neat.

I’ve dealt with these for years. They’ll stay stagnant in one place and they’re almost impossible to get rid of. From what I gathered from a pest control guy, the only solution is airflow. You know how sometimes you walk into a grocery store and get a big blast of air from fans up top? That’s what I mean. You don’t need it that powerful though.

One other solution is a bug-a-salt gun that literally shoots salt lol. I have one and the salt grains are small enough to knock em down.

Fruit fly here, I just wanted to let you know that bit where you say “they’re tiny, they’re ugly” made me laugh so hard. Thank you.