how the transformer model works

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Recently saw a post about AI on here and clicked on a link that explained the transformer model but I couldn’t understand it. Can someone explain it to me like I’m 5?

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Think of the transformer like a smart translator. It reads a sentence one word at a time and tries to understand the meaning of each word by looking at the words around it. It uses special tricks called “attention” to focus on the important parts of the sentence, so it can understand and translate it better. This way, it can handle long sentences and remember context.

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A transformer is a neural network – a set of (often complex) algorithms. Most of these algorithms aren’t directly related to linguistics – but probability.

For example, the TF-IDF algorithm (term frequency, inverse document frequency) finds the value of the TF (the frequency of a specific term in a given text) divided by the inverse of the DF (the number of total corpuses containing that term). The higher this value, the more relevant a term is likely to be.

A transformer combines the results of many of these algorithms in order to “comprehend” a given text, and to attempt to produce a relevant response.