How to Recruit Moderators?


Hi Everyone,

is looking for new moderators.

There is no pay. You can expect people to be rude to you. People will blame you personally for actions you take that are entirely in line with the subreddit rules. There is no personal glory, and you can’t use your position to cross promote yourself, your personal projects, or your other subreddits.

The only redeeming quality is that get help the community out, as a whole. If that sounds like a position you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you.

Fill out this form: [](

If you have any questions before you apply, please put them in this thread.

We don’t know what kind of demand we’ll have, so we can’t promise an individual response for every applicant.

I’ll also use this thread as a brief opportunity to plug [/r/ideasforeli5](, where any ideas for eli5 are presented directly to the moderators and for public discussion.

(Obviously Rule 3 doesn’t apply in this thread, the only real rules are try to stay mostly on topic and Rule 1 is never waived, so be nice!)

Thank you

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It looks like the form is closed.

One can recruit moderators by stickying a post to their subreddit asking for members to fill out a form that acts as an application. Hope this helps!

Might as well become a meter reader instead. At least you get paid for that.

I hope there’s new mods coming. I left this sub because my answers were not dissertations when dissertations were not needed. Sometimes a full explanation only requires a sentence or two. Good luck!

Bloody hell, that’s a longer application form than you need to fill out to be a nurse. And at least you get paid and free tea and coffee for that,

My suggestion FWIW is to stop bothering to moderate questions except offensive ones, The voting system means obviously pointless ones “ELI5: Why is the sky blue?” will be pushed down. It must take a lot of time for negligible benefit.

ELI5: Why would anyone want to be a moderator? Does it give them a sense of purpose in their otherwise meaningless lives?