How TV shows records their outdoor episodes in public places?


I was watching an episode of Modern Family where they go to Disneyland and wondered how they do It without getting interrupted, someone pointing at the camera and stuff like that

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Well Modern Family was on ABC which is owned by Disney, so they probably shut a section of park down so they could film the show there.

They usually film very early in the morning. A scene in a theme park would probably take place before it opens and the crowds are paid extras. Rarely do they film when the general public is out and about.

They pay the city and police to shut down access to public places, same as construction permits do. Disneyland isn’t public , it’s a private place and they can easily keep people out.

Usually they close the street, or whatever place it is they’re filming. Bystanders are all paid and that’s why their action is mostly very unnatural even on high profile movies/shows

Usually they close the area, but sometimes they don’t.

I live in Vancouver and outdoor filming happens regularly. They have signs saying that filming is happening and just hope you don’t gawk. If you do, they’ll sweep you along.