how was Michael Phelps so damn good?


I know he trained like hell, but was there something about him that made him overpowered?

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I have heard that his body makes half the amount of lactic acid as his competitors, which means he recovers quicker and can train harder.

Also, he has a long torso and “short” legs which create less drag. He has a long wingspan which means he can reach further. He has double-jointed ankles and enormous feet which act like flippers.

Genetics. Short, powerful legs, long arms and a long torso with big lungs. The man is straight-up built for swimming.

1. Very long arms for his already-tall height. He’s 6’4, his wingspan is 6’7 (80″)
2. Freakishly large lung capacity
3. He can hyperextend his elbows, knees, and ankles allowing strokes with extra range of motion most can’t do.
4. Extra long torso, extra short legs (more power, less drag)
5. Size 14 feet = basically flippers (even for his height avg shoe size is 12)
6. Above average hand size = basically more flippers
7. Genetic anomaly where his muscles produce less lactic acid from the same exertion

Check out some graphics here to see it:

Business Insider: [Michael Phelps has the perfect body for swimming](

AboutSwim: [How Michael Phelps’s body Is Suitable For Swimming](

Combine happening to have all the ideal physical traits with his INSANE training schedule and you get one of the most dominant athletes ever.

He was almost genetically born to be a swimmer. Hes double jointed, so his feet and arms have a much larger range of motion than most people. His hands and feet are massive even for someone of his size so they basically could act like flippers. His body is also perfectly proportioned in the exact way that is desired(and advantageous) for swimmers. And if I’m remembering a certain story correctly, it’s said that his body doesn’t build lactic acid up like most people which prevents his body from getting tired like most people and means he can recover faster.