How were some old cartoons sold on film?



The nature of film would require it to be exposed similar to a camera. So I don’t understand how you could put something that is a drawing/animation onto film. Thanks.

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You take pictures of the individual frames.

You draw a frame of cartoon, then draw another with the characters moved a little, 30 drawings per second.

There were systems, and Walt Disney got several Academy Awards for his work inventing special cameras to make this process easier.

They take pictures of the drawings with a camera onto film. This also lets them do things like keyframing and compositing.

Wow. Really.
Ok well to make an animation you draw a picture, put it into a light jig with a camera attached. You expose a few frames then change the drawing (like opening a mouth or moving s leg) then expose a few more frames and then Repeat till done.

I guess I also have to explain movies to you.
If you pass one frame in front of a light source and the move that frame anywhere between 24 and 30 frames per second you will get something called persistence of vision. POV is a trick your brain does to stitch together those individual frames to look like motion. Now why don’t you go look up Edward Muybridge and his experiement with race horses.