I just saw a couple of video of japanese restaurants (in japan) that do also take away but for this one they send also bowls of ceramic, not plastic or something that you trow way. How they get it back the bowls?


[Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC7ic1-8wE4). The customer washes the bowls and ship it back to the restaurant? Or they pick the dishes of the day before when they deliver the food?

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I haven’t experienced this, but in some similar situations—say, a grocery company that delivers food in insulated bags—what they often do is charge a deposit for those items, and then credits your account when they get the items back.

It’s also possible that those bowls simply aren’t too expensive, and the restaurant includes the cost with those menu items.

I can explain this!

They have a deposit on the bowl and they’re numbered. They usually also do delivery and will go to businesses only really. They don’t do individual deliveries they go to large offices with multiple orders and bring even more to sell there. They collect the bowls and bring them back because it’s cheaper for them to stick around a few minutes while people eat and return them.