I know that brain consumes a large portion of the daily calorie intake. Is there a way to make brain consume even more calories by say playing some video games etc and there by losing body weight?


Can we make brain to burn more calories to lose weight?

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Hard thought, puzzles, exams etc. remember back in school, you were starving after exams. Your brain used more energy than normal during those times.

Although you do burn more calories during intense cognitive tasks, the difference isn’t really that big in the grand scheme of things.

Our brains use about 320 calories every day. A person doing something cognitively challenging (watching T.V., reading, daydreaming) for eight hours straight can burn an extra 100 calories, and if you incorporate multiple senses along with it (learning an instrument, maybe), that could get up to 200 calories.

For 8 hours of intense effort, you’d burn fewer calories than if you just walked two miles.

The brain burns about 300-400 calories a day. However, hard thinking might only add 5% to that. You won’t lose much weight by thinking harder.