Ice baths at -50C without frostbites


How does the body adapt to something ice baths at -50C ? What capability is the body developing over time. Most of the previous explanations about ice baths talk about benefits, I am more interested in how the body builds endurance and one doesn’t end up with a frost bite

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The bathing part is not the problem. Fresh water in this case will be at 0C or above it if liquid. oceanic salt water can get down to -2C.

You do get a cold water shock at the water at that temperature but you can learn to handle it if you know it you just need to relax initially with your head above water for the initial period even if it is your first time

Frostbite occurs when your tissue gets too cold but it takes time. You will notice that rolled he rolled in the snow. The snow will be dry and quickly absorb any liquid water on his skin. He is also using glow and shoes so not a lot of contact with the snow that will be colder than the water.

I have done something similar as an exercise to know what to do if you go through the ice into the cold wart. It was done with full winter clothing on to simulate a real accident. When you get out of the water it is the wet clothes that will quickly cool you down, You should remove them as fast as possible and when you remove them and are exposed to just the air and dry heat it leaves your body a lot slower.

Have very few clothes on will result in you cooling down less not more in this situation. Removing the water on your skin and then putting on dry clothes give you the operation to start getting warm.

You do not get frostbite directly. If you would remain in the water most people would survive for around 30 minutes.

I have to say it was around -10C but I did that not -50C. But regardless it is the water that removes heat faster and it had the same temperature. I have been out in the air down to -35 and it removal of heat from you is still very low compared to water at 0.

You can test that yourself. Mix ice and cold water and the resulting temperature will be around 0C. Puy your hand into it and compare it to if you put your hand into your freezer that is around -20C. Air and water is not comparable