“Ice bubbles” in Lago Bianco in Switzerland?


Hey, guys.

So, Windows threw a picture at me today upon signing in that I can’t make sense of. It’s from Lago Bianco in Switzerland but beyond that, their little widget gave no further information.

Upon a bit of research I found out that apparently it’s ice. But can someone please explain to me why it looks like [this](https://live.staticflickr.com/447/32083473682_6e6ba32005_n.jpg)?

Someone on Pinterest called it “ice bubbles”, another photographer said that apparently at night, when the ice settles, it hits the ground and creates eerie sounds like you’d expect from a stone mine somewhere close.

I can’t make sense of what I’m looking at here and would appreciate if someone could explain this phenomenon to me. How come there’s layers? Why is it round?

In: Physics

The bubbles come from decomposing organic material on the bottom of the lake. The water freezes at the surface first and grows thicker as it freezes below that. The bubbles get trapped below the surface ice and then water below the bubbles freezes. That process repeats for more layers of bubbles.