If a water bottle is in the same vicinity as an X-ray, will the water bottle still be safe to drink from?


pls explain your answer too

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Yes, x-rays dont change what is in the water. Its radiation not molecules.

Its like shining a super strong but still a light through the water.

It sure will.

Here is the danger from an X-ray : the radiation is like a tiny bullet that’s the just right size that if you are super unlucky, it can directly strike your DNA and either shoot a piece off, or re-arrange it. Many years after such an event that alternation to your DNA might trigger the development of cancer.

Water does not have DNA and water is not alive, hence water cannot get cancer. Even if it could, cancer is not communicable and eating or drinking cancer cannot give *you* cancer.

As an aside, water is really, really, really good at safely absorbing radiation. In face, one of the safest places (as measured by amount of radiation exposure) to be in a nuclear powerplant is right there in the water near the core itself.


X-rays can ionize atoms so you can get free H+, OH-, and O (2-) ions. Even if they do not recombine they are not dangerous in small amounts.

X-rays and gamma rays are used to irradiate food to kill bacteria and other microorganisms are is a safe procedure used all the time.

Object can become radioactive if they are hit by neutron radiation and the atoms in them are transmuted. The other way is by contamination ie physical transfer of radioactive atoms to it

a. X-rays can damage you (knock molecules apart), but they’re not strong enough to cause secondary radiation (knock atoms apart).

b. If it’s strong enough the water would probably be safer. Radiation can be used to keep food fresh longer by killing microorganisms within the food. So as long as the water has been exposed only to strong x-rays (and not alpha or neutron radiation) it’s marginally safer depending on how much x-ray radiation.