If caffeine works by blocking the receptors that make you feel tired, why does too much caffeine cause you to feel “wired”?


Shouldn’t you just max out at feeling perfectly alert/rested?

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Your body normally has some of the adenosine receptors activated by adenosine, even if you are fully rested. They are a natural part of the body’s self-regulatory system. If you flood your system with caffeine and remove what little adenosine is on the receptors, then it dials the body state further than “well rested.”


what does “wired” mean?


Because caffeine has multiple effects on multiple systems. Blocking tiredness is just one of them. It is also a central nervous system stimulant that raises heart rate etc. It’s this effect that can take you to being “wired” above your baseline alertness level.

Have you ever been physically tired but not mentally.

This is the opposite. It helps by telling your body it isnt time to sleep yet because the coffee made your body clock move back even though it isnt actually recovered.

Coffee is tricking your body into thinking its rested when its not, while it may actually still need a lot of sleep.

Curious, what is consider a high daily dose of caffeine?

ELI5 why I get tired *after* drinking too much coffee?! Not because it’s worn off, but because I’ve drank it.

Caffeine acts on multiple parts of the brain and when your body breaks it down it makes other things that’s also act on different parts of the brain.

What does being wired mean? Serious question.

caffeine only makes me feel worse than i already do naturally. unless i’m on adderall hahah

There is an interesting book which has a chapter about caffeine’s effect on the brain. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34466963-why-we-sleep
Helped me understand a lot about it. Made.me stop drinking coffee after lunchtime.