If Caillou was so poorly received and reviled as a children’s show, why did it run for as long as it did?


If Caillou was so poorly received and reviled as a children’s show, why did it run for as long as it did?

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It’s only really reviled by adults, who find the content derivative of programing they watched as kids (Charlie Brown), and not nearly as outwardly entertaining as shows like Spongebob, which is less educational but more colorful and wacky.

As for the children, they liked it okay, but the characters didn’t have the same kind of appeal as the louder and more boisterous characters, like Elmo from Sesame Street. The hot toys were never “Hug Me Caillou”.

Caillou was a very popular series of children’s books in Canada that got adapted into a television series. However, some of the morals of the book didn’t transfer to the television, and adults took major issue with the main character Caillou. He generally set a bad example for behavior for kids at an extremely impressionable age, such as throwing tantrums until he gets what he wants, being mean to his sister and getting praised for it, etc.

It likely took so long to remove from circulation due to it being a widely known brand, as that kind of awareness of a brand means its really easy to sell merch and make money off of the name alone.

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Most kids shows are about learning simple and very basic life lessons for kids;

* sharing with other kids,

* learning to communicate their emotions well,

* around the house safety like don’t touch the stove, or play with fire

* don’t play by the stairs,

* good routines and habits

Many good shows follow the same format beginning, middle, end /
Action/problem /solution and then life lessons being discussed by the parent, adult supervision or older siblings, bottom line actions have consequences.

There are a ridiculous amount children shows that do a extremely piss poor job of showing solutions consequences and life lessons aspects of the show. Resulting in learnt behaviours like thinking that throwing tantrum to get their way, is ok and effective way to communicate *without* discussing or showing the corrective perspective of trying to teach a child to express their feelings through communication with words or other alternatives to calmly find a solution ..

***** As an adult you ***should be able to*** understand a tantrum in a child is natural, they are over run with emotions and a limited capacity to express themselves and be able to communicate effectively. ******

A good children’s show has a lot of child psychology researched into keeping their attention, and using language that they can recognize and understand as well as how to get the message /moral of the story across. ~~That demon seed:~~ Caillou character tropes teaches kids to be bratty, ungrateful, disrespectful with out a clear understanding and reflection that those behaviours will not be acceptable in social situations.

Caillou is one of the 5 shows my kids are not allowed to watch.