if colors are an illusion created by the brain what does the world look like outside the eye.


if colors are an illusion created by the brain what does the world look like outside the eye.

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It doesn’t look like anything. How something ‘looks’ is entirely determined by the thing viewing it. So every animal sees the world slightly differently. There’s no “correct” way for it to look.

Outside of senses, the world is basically nothing. It doesn’t look, sound, smell, or feel like anything at all.

“Look” is a word for what the eye does and how the brain processes it. The world doesn’t inherently “look” any way, any more than it “sounds” any way or “feels” any way or “smells” any way. Those are words for sensations, not for physical qualities.

We can measure the available wavelengths of light with statements like “this object emits light in a narrow band of wavelengths around 650 nm”. You would normally describe such an object as “glowing deep red”. That’s not “an illusion”, it’s just the sensation that a glow of 650 nm wavelength light produces.

There’s not really a way to answer that question.

The only reason we see colours is that our eyes have evolved to be capable of detecting a specific range of wavelengths of radiation and our brains have evolved to be able to extract some information from how exactly those waves behave.

Outside of the eye, the world doesn’t “look” like anything – there’s just a load of radiation flying around in the form of waves of different frequencies, reflecting off surfaces in specific ways.

Colors aren’t an illusion? Not exactly sure what you’re asking. Light waves are real. They exist whether or not eyes see them.

But perception of color only exists when eyes come into contact with the light waves and send signals to the brain. So like yellow length waves bounce off a lemon whether there are eyes present or not. It’s only recognized as and names yellow by an observer.