if protein is broken down into peptides in the stomach/digestive tract, why would consuming something like “active collagen” do anything?


I’m basically wondering like what effect is it having if it’s broken down into peptides in the stomach before absorption in the system, or is it one of those things that’s somehow absorbed by the bloodstream before digestion (like some medications)

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That refers to collagen that has already been partially broken down so it is easier for us to digest.

The good thing about it is it gives us exactly the peptides we need to build our own collagen. But we do still have to break it down and rebuild it ourselves.

One thing to keep in mind though is that we don’t actually replace our collagen that much at all. Unless you go through special procedures to make it happen, like what we are starting to see with regenerative medicine, you are not going to get much effect.

Collagen supplements usually don’t have all the wonderful benefits people claim. You are correct that it will mostly be broken down into component parts before reaching the blood stream. It might have the benefit of having nearly the same ratio as what the body may need to synth it, but whether that matters much if you get sufficient general dietary protein is probably not all that likely.

Thats an important thing, it doesn’t. Evidence doesnt back it up and neither do Biological mechanisms.

Some will argue that youre ingesting the exact nutrients you need to produce it, but that’s exactly the same situation as ingesting other common proteins and in colagen production, the limiting and regulating factors are not availability of nutrients mainly

Collagen is definitely not absorbed to the bloodstream

It doesn’t do anything, and it also doesn’t do anything if you put it on your skin in the form of a lotion. It’s a marketing gimmick. It might definitely contain the ingredient! But it doesn’t actually do anything, it just sits there. People just know it’s a primary reason for youthful-looking skin, so if a supplement or lotion contains it, it must be extra-good for your skin.

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Today is the day that you get to learn about the fact that dietary supplements are not required to have any evidence to back up their claims. They’re not regulated that way, like medicines are.