If someone gets ill often but always recover does that person have strong or weak immune system?



If someone gets ill often but always recover does that person have strong or weak immune system?

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Their immune system is weak, but is getting stronger with each and every occurrence. If it eventually doesn’t stop they have a more serious problem at hand.

They could have a weak immune system and no immunity to weak diseases. Because of this, some weak diseases everyone is already immune to (and/or didn’t even notice when they had it) will make the person show symptoms. However, their immune system will work after this, and they should develop immunity after getting sick. It can happen to someone from an other country/continent when he migrates.

In general the person has a “not strong” immunity. But if you look closer it can be that some type of immunity is at fault while some others are perfectly functional. But all in all getting sick too often doesnt let your body to be in recovered and functional state which leads to not optimal outcomes.

This is interesting , is eczema related to a weak immune system , can stress have a huge role on it ?

We can’t say that clearly. Because getting sick with something isn’t just about your immune system, it is whether you get exposed enough to get that diesease.

For this comparison to be helpful, we would have to make sure that these two individuals get same kind of exposure, wash their hands the same amount, touch their face as much. There are so many other variables we would have to account for before we could tackle this.

It could mean anything. A lot of people self diagnose. I get sick every 4 to 5 months. Its been like this for a while now. Im super healthy and my physical is great.
Sometimes om rare occasions i can get the flu then the same week i recover i get streptococcus. My flu symptomslast around 3 days after onset and then i have a week of hacking up flem.

You could be healthy but can be exposed to to a continuous amount of bacteria from kids or other people. Strains evolve very fast. And the strain types are numerous.
So lets say strain A infected you and you recovered in 3 days then strain B can infect you then all other strains can make you sick as long as you hqvent had them before you should be okay. However depending on how you maintain hygiene you can get sick from the same bacterial strain.

So after you get sick you need to wash all you sheets and clothes and disinfect all regularly touched surfaces.

Also i never swallow flem. I always hack it up. When i am sick i get an empty bottle and everytime i cough up flem i spit it into the bottle. Swallowing flem isnt bad cuz it goes into the stomach and killed however it may find a way back into you system so better to cough it up.

But yes it could just be that the person has a weak immune system. Or that person is very nasty in the hygiene department. Bad hygiene can get you very sick.

But if they get well quickly then they must have a good immune system. People with bad immune systems tend to stay chronically ill.

So maybe they just have a below average immune system with maybe slow response time. Maybe the bacteria that infects the person isnt attacked right away and by the time the immune system finds out all the symptoms are onset. This can happen when the body response time is off. You can get sick from the same bacteria strain not because your body doesn’t know the strain but because its slow to respond.