If someone has a cut on their nose from shaving, why is it rarely infected?


To the best of my understanding your nose is home to countless germs encapsulated from reaching your lungs. If you get a cut inside it, or near it, why would you not ALWAYS get sick since those germs would have a straight pathway into your body?

In: Biology

Maybe because most of the time it is a very small or minor cut? But your body will also fight off most germs and you never miss a beat.

I’m assuming you’re asking why your nose seems to heal quickly even though it is associated with being a point of administration for viral infection. The reason being: the inside of your nose (like your mouth) is dominated by epithelial tissue that contains more blood vessels than the skin that covers most of your body. Although this allows certain things to enter your blood stream and infect you it also helps the tissue heal from trauma faster.

Because you have a functioning immune system and follow decent hygiene practices, probably. A cut inside/near the nose isn’t that different from a cut anywhere else, pretty much every square inch of you is crawling with all sorts of microbes.

It also doesn’t have much to do with speed of healing.