If Tesla made a working hydrogen powered car design, that mechanically more or less works the same as a gasoline one: why haven’t we fully embraced this technology?


I was told by a friend that Tesla made a working hydrogen powered car design and then sold it to shell why isn’t there more on this?

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Hydrogen powered cars exist and you can get [one right now if you want.](https://www.androidpit.com/best-hydrogen-powered-cars) Trouble is they’re expensive (due largely to a lack of production facilities of sufficient scale) and there’s insufficient infrastructure (filling stations, manufacturing and distribution facilities) in the vast majority of the country (US). There’s also limited support for repair and maintenance. Some say they are the wave of the future, and that may be true, but issues of mass production/affordability and fueling stations need to be addressed. It’s a bit if a chicken and egg problem – until there’s enough demand to justify large-scale production and building of fueling stations, not enough hydrogen powered vehicles will be built. But until enough vehicles are sold (or at least wanted), no one will invest in large scale factories and fueling stations. And the cars will remain expensive until large scale factories are built, suppressing demand due to high prices. But you can help kick things off by buying one the next time you get a new car.

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