If the US is a secular state why does the dollar bill say “in God we trust”


If the US is a secular state why does the dollar bill say “in God we trust”

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Gotta stick it to those godless commies. In god we trust was added to the paper currency in the 50s as a way to add another layer of distinction between us and the USSR. It should be noted that this isn’t the origin of the statement as it was used on some state coins going back to the 1800s. It wouldnt be the official country motto until the 50s though.

Most of the references to God on things like money, in the pledge of allegiance, etc. were added during the Cold War. The Communists in the USSR were very anti-religion, so if something was proposed such as adding ‘In God we Trust’ to coins then any politician against that would risk being vilified as a Communist.

Because the U.S. is not a ‘secular state’. The Establishment clause precludes the affiliation of the federal (and through the doctrine of incorporation, state) governments with a specific institution of religion.

So the government can’t require you join the Catholic Church or give special favoritism to the Church of Latter-day Saints. However, generally pro-religion sentiments do not violate this premise.

From the Wikipedia page:
Secular states do not have a state religion (e.g. an established religion) or an equivalent, although the absence of an established state religion does not necessarily mean that a state is fully secular in all respects. For example, many secular states have religious references in their national anthems and flags.

The US have many more religious references than just the dollar bill. The president has to swear on the bible. Court witnesses have to swear before God.

USA like’s to hedge it’s bets.

It’s a secular state unless God is real then they can point to the money and say “SEE” we believe.

“In God We Trust” was made the official motto of the United States, replacing “E Pluribus Unum” (Latin for “out of many, one) and added to our currency in the 1950s as a result of the Red Scare. It’s every bit as stupid as calling French fries “freedom fries.”

Although the country is secular, religion is the single largest unifying thing that the country has. That’s why National Prayer Breakfast (hosted by The Fellowship, the most cohesive and powerful Christian organization in the USA and the world), the veritable who’s-who in the US politics and business, has included every sitting president for seventy years. Aptly, there’s a cross hanging above the people representing largest concentrations of power in their respective social circles and organizations, while the decisions are made and the processes of nation-building are put in motion, discussed or adjusted. One nation unto God indeed.