If trees can turn CO2 in oxygen why can’t they solve the climatechange-problem


We learned that trees can turn CO2 to O, so why can’t trees reduce the ammount of CO2 ( the biggest greenhouse gas) and solve the problem?

Edit: But if there is more CO2 the plants grow faster so they can aborsb more too.

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I am no expert on this, but trees do exactly that. There are simply not enough trees compared to the amount of CO2 we are producing.

Because people are burning them to make room for cattle. Also you’ll need a whole lot of trees to compensate the burning of oil, gas and coal.

Well they can but
1. CO2 emmissions are greatly overpowering the capacity of foliage, particularly in areas where it has be stripped away and industrialized.
2. Some CO2 escapes the immediate earth into the atmosphere, changing the structure of the earths protective layer & hence holding in heat/warming.
3. By far, the majority of the earth is covered in water – where there are no plants. CO2 in coastal regions is slowly turning into carbonic acid and destroying plants, coral, and sealife everywhere.

They do this already in a natural carbon cycle. Trees take in carbon dioxide, die or drop leaves that decay and release the carbon back into the atmosphere.

The problem is that we are releasing sequestered carbon – that is carbon that has been stored away in the form of fossil fuels – that is “extra” and is larger than the current carbon cycle can handle.

Trees don’t lock CO2 away long term they store it only temporarily. At the end end of thier lives most trees will rot or be burned releasing the CO2 back into the atmosphere. There are exceptions but they’re rare and endangered environments due to human activity.

Trees die. They then either burn or rot and release greenhouse gases. This idea particularly true i. The great rainforests. The soil layer is poor. It stores minimal CO2.

However peat marsh and mangrove forests do lock CO2 away. The problem both is that they’re rare environments. The peat has been dug up for millennia as fuel and the mangrove forests are sensitive to pollution.

That’s not to say it doesn’t play a role but most trees store CO2 for a little over thier lifetimes and forests as a whole release the same CO2 at a similar rate.