if you could use one of those vapor diffusers to power a steam engines


Obviously, this is highly impractical, but this is more of a “could I” question

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Anything that generates heat can power a steam engine. All electronics do, so if you got enough of them in a pile, yes you could power a steam engine.

It sounds more like you’re asking if it could provide the steam *directly*. Most of them are ultrasonic diffusers so no. Some of them do heat the water and these ones can generate some *small* pressure. This pressure *could* be tapped to spin a turbine.

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A vapor diffuser is a device that releases a fine mist of water vapor into the air, typically to humidify a room or to add a pleasant fragrance. While a vapor diffuser generates a small amount of steam, it is not designed to produce the large amounts of high-pressure steam that are needed to power a steam engine.

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What you think of as steam is actually just water vapor. It’s mostly condensed into fairly large droplets of water which is why you can see it and really has no capacity to do work

Working steam is *hot*(200C+) invisible, highly pressurized, and at really high pressures almost as dense as liquid water

If the steam isn’t hot or at high pressure then it doesn’t have any energy to give up to do work in a steam engine