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I’ve been assigned to write a simple IMAP server using Java. I don’t have any experience with any mail server at all and I dont know where to start at. It’s a “teaching project” and I haven’t been given any info how to do it . Assistant just said that we should google it out, but I even dont know what to look for.

EDIT: From this subject the last thing I’d learned was how to create a socket in Java, using TCP connection. And I dont even know is this something related to that?

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I’m going to ELI5 the assignment.

You have to build an IMAP server. Okay, great. First thing you need to do is understand what IMAP is. Great news is it is a (very simple) protocol. What that means is that there are expected actions and responses for every interaction. So you learn what they are. And then you go build code that gives the right responses when a client asks a question.

Also, your lecturer should really have explained that to you.

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