in a jury trial in the US, what happens after a judge sustains an objection?


If the jury heard what the witness said because they spoke over the lawyer objecting then the jury clearly heard it, what happens after?

Are the jury expected to forget that?

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The jury is *supposed* to disregard what was said, pretend it never happened. But as all lawyers know, you can’t unhear things, which is why they will still ask questions, or make statements they fully know will be objected and sustained. Still puts that bit of doubt in a jurors mind.

Jury is required to disregard what’s been said.

while its not entirely possible to not hae this sort of thing slip by, a judge can veto a jury’s decision if its proven it has been compromised(and they shold have already punished the witnesses/lawyers for comtempt of court and at worse throwing out their whole testimony as non admissable as evidence)

It doesn’t usually happen in front of the jury most of the time. These things are addressed long before trial outside the presence of the jury and if an attorney offers evidence that was previously excluded they risk severe sanctions. If the jury hears something that they’re not supposed to, they will be instructed to disregard it. While obviously that’s easier said than done, it’s potentially grounds for a mistrial, so generally not worth the risk.