In movies and TV, people strangle other people until they go unconscious and then they’re dead forever…But that’s not realistic is it?



I think your brain needs to be without blood or oxygen for a few minutes in order to actually die. I could be wrong.

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You are correct.

I do jiu jitsu regularly. I’ve been choked unconscious many times. I’ve choked people unconscious many times. You like go after a couple seconds and they wake right up and think they’re in the moment that they went out.

to my knowledge no long-term damage has been recorded from a short wind or blood choke.

To kill someone you have to strangle them to the point that no oxygen can make it to the brain or heart. That indeed takes several minutes

So, if you do a choke ‘correctly’ (in the martial arts sense), it won’t cause long term damage and the other person will recover right away. But the key word there is ‘correctly’. If you choke someone in the *wrong* way, you can break their esophagus (not good, but not fatal), rupture their carotid arteries (very very bad and eventually fatal) or simply break their neck (extremely bad, often almost immediately fatal). This doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but having someone die from being strangled to the point of unconsciousness by an untrained killer isn’t terribly implausible.

For movie effect they speed it up. But one would have to continue after unconsciousness hits.

If u follow the rules of 3, 3min without air (unless you train for diving and learn to hold up to 15 min but most ppl dont) 3 days without water 3 weeks without food.