Increasing dopamine receptor density



I was reading an interesting article about a supplement –

That talked about how the supplement can increase the density of dopamine receptors.

Can someone give an explanation of what it means to increase the density of dopamine receptors? Is it the same as increasing the number of dopamine receptors?

In: Biology

I can’t comment on the validity of the claim made of the supplement, but the effectively yes, higher density would in this case just mean more receptors. Density is all about how much stuff there is packed into a space. Since dopamine receptors would still have to be in your body somewhere, increasing the number would increase the number of receptors *in a fixed volume*, therefore increasing the density.
It’s kinda like if you have a room with 5 people in, then you suddenly add an extra ten. The room doesn’t get any bigger, there’s now just more people in it. They’re packed in closer together and therefore at a higher density.