Is it actually bad to *have* pimples?


For some background, I’m not talking about whether popping pimples is bad. I’m not asking about aesthetic/social consequences of having pimples. I’m asking about the long term effects it can have on your skin/general physical health; is it unhealthy to have pimples which are simply caused by clogged pores? For example, pimples caused by comedogenic oils or heavy makeup?

In: Biology

It’s a normal reaction – basically your body trying to make things normal when it detects something that shouldn’t be there or needs to be repaired/fix. It isn’t bad to have them and is proof of homeostasis.

Moderately bad acne can leave texture scarring, and if you have frequent deep pore (sebaceous oil gland) cysts, it may be caused someone having a poor resistance to staphylococcus bacteria. Mine cleared up good after I started using apple cider vinegar, twice daily