Is it normal to be able to change my vision from clear to blurry on demand?


I think I worded it badly but I’ll try again here, I can control when my eyes show a clear image and a blurry image, is it normal or harmful? I’ve searched a few places but haven’t found a solid answer. I don’t know if it is from too much time looking at screens or just my eye getting older.

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I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’ve always been able to “relax” (or flex?) the focus of my eyes at will. I’m pretty sure it’s normal.

Yes, you are unfocusing your eyes by relaxing the muscles that control the shape of the lens. I’m pretty sure everyone, or at least most people, can do this on demand.

Edit: not harmful, normal functioning of your eyes. Perhaps you’ve recently learned how to control those muscles.

Yes, it is completely normal and called ‘eye accomodation’. It is a process which uses the contraction / relaxation of your eye muscles to change the focal point inside your eye. As a result you can consciously go from sharp to blurry vision.

Just to add what everyone else is saying, every time you look from something close to something far away or vice versa, these muscles unconsciously work to focus your vision. Now you’re just doing it consciously instead. I do it when I need to zone out for a while.