Is it possible to pickle part of yourself?


Say someone put their finger (still functional and attached) in adequate pickling brine mixture, and kept it there for a substantial amount of time, would it be possible to pickle that part of your body?

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My thought would be, not while your circulatory system is intact.

Any chemical changes that start to occur in the brine would be “diluted” by the fresh blood running through the area.

Prolonged exposure to water can lead to skin breakdown, wounds, infections… eventually death. But I don’t think pickle juice would behave differently from water in this sense.

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I think the historically common method has been formaldehyde or alcohol.

Plenty of amputated body parts have been preserved like that over the centuries, several while the owner was still alive.

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In middle school one of my science teachers said that when he died he wanted to be put in a pickle jar.