Is the crust the healthiest part?


I always remember as kid when I would eat toast I would eat the inside but never the crust, and my parents always told me I had to because that’s the only healthy part, is that true?

In: Chemistry

Generally speaking, yes. The crust will have more antioxidants and fiber than the inner part. The difference can be quite drastic, sometimes as high as 6-8 times as much.

If a child doesn’t like the crusts, it’s generally better to just switch types of bread. You’ll get a lot more nutritional value out of whole wheat bread than white bread, for example, even considering eating the crust of the white and not the wheat.

It’s up in the air. The crust is just the outer, more cooked surface of the bread, and the extra browning produces more of an antioxidant that prevents cancer, but the same chemical reaction also produces a carcinogen, so it might be a zero-sum game. Either way the difference isn’t significant and they were probably just trying to get you not to waste food.