: Is there a reason as to why people believe that “warm milk is supposed to make you sleepy?”


I’ve heard it as being a traditional method to help kids (or adults, not judging) go to sleep, but is there a reason why? Where and when did this thought come from? And is it true? Is there a chemical reaction that occurs that gives off a sleepy effect when ingesting milk heated to a certain temperature? I’ve wondered this for years

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It’s the protein, and one of the amino acids involved (tryotophan maybe?)
And the warmth is just to be generally relaxing

I believe your body does a cool down when it’s time to sleep naturally, so warm anything (like warm milk or even a bath) brings your temp up, and as it falls you help trick your brain into feeling like its bed time.

Also, the reason it works is placebo. Don’t have the source at hand, but you need to chugg like a gallon of war m milk to get enough of the protein to actually get sleepy. Atleast as an adult.

Other things which have been recommended are nuts as a bedtime snack because it’s proven that protein before bed helps you sleep better

Warm milk is the first thing we as humans consume. When we drink warm milk as adults, our ancient monkey brains connect with the peaceful contentment we felt as an infant cradled in our mother’s arms. Theoretically.

This is an old tradition, but it can be explained below.

Warm is associated with comfort.
Milk is a nutrient dense liquid.
Word of mouth mom science(placebo).

Drinking warm milk before bed may help you relax, but there is no evidence that milk makes you sleepy. The ‘milk myth’ may have persisted because milk has small amounts of tryptophan, the raw material the brain uses to build both serotonin and melatonin. These are compounds that help us relax and prepare for sleep.