Is there actually a federal law banning the “old, good” style of plastic gas cans?

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A common gripe among the old farts at gas stations and hardware stores around the country (United States) is that “the damn goverment outlawed the old, good gas cans” and therefore, left us with these leaky safety cans. Was there actually a federal law that banned the old style of gas cans?

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This maybe?


Would love to see their faces when told this happened under trump.

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There was.

Someone stole my old can from my shed and the new one leaks gas all over my hands, mower, grass.

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So the law went into effect in 2009 which I believe is Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act.

California mandates that all cans be color codes for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, so pretty much every manufacturers does this.

There is another law called Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2020, which mandates that cans must have measures to prevent ignition or explosion near open flames.

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The new cans just cost more but in my opinion they do work better. Just don’t get the very cheapest anti spill spout. The mid range price spouts are really easy to use. The cheapest spouts will result in more spills not less.

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Just going to leave this here for all y’all:

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It’s not the can or closure valve per se it’s the short spout angled to the can in a way which makes it impossible to pour gas into a car without spilling. There’s a funnel available but that’s just another thing to loose and stinks up the area you’re storing it.

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I’ve been using [Eagle cans](; for whatever reason they’re approved but don’t have those annoying spigots you have to depress to pour. Perhaps because they’re metal?

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Yeah the epa banned traditional spouts and cheap gas cans come with spouts that make you spill more gas than you ever did with the old cans.

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I have only owned the new cans and have never spilled any gas. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

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Here’s the deal: 

Manufacturers need to meet regulations. They also need to sell their products at a price that sustains the business. Consumers need to be able to buy products at a price they can afford. 

Metal cans with spring loaded spouts are easy to operate and meet regulations. They are not cheap.

Plastic cans with spring loaded spouts meet regulations and are cheap, but are not easy to operate. 

Just man up and put up an extra $25 to buy the better gas can once and just be done with it.