Is two 5% seltzer drinks equal to one 10% cocktail in a can drink?


I’m new to seltzer’s and I love cocktails in a can that are 10%. If I drink two of these 5% seltzer’s, is that equal to one 10% cocktail in a can? I love the buzz that I get from cocktails in a can and I’m curious to know if I could maybe get the same buzz from these seltzer’s.

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No. ABV percentages don’t “*add*” together. If you think about it, you will quickly realize that this is the case. 20 drinks at 5% alcohol does not equal 2 drinks with 50% alcohol. You would get very drunk with the 20 drinks and the effects would be long lasting whereas the effects of the 2 drinks may or may not be negligible.
You will have to study how Blood Alcohol Content is calculated and how quickly the body’s liver processes alcohol out of the body.
Alcohol and its effects can not be calculated easily due to a diverse variety of factors that include time, body proportions, etc.

Edit: ABV above should be BAC.

It’s going to hit different. Alcohol wise it’s the same, if they are the same volume, but physically wise your body will absorb it differently.