May I know the difference between BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration) and International Business BA? Why BA in the latter one? Doesn’t it mostly mean Bachelors Of Arts? I apologise if it’s a dumb question.


I am trying to apply to colleges and I often see BA before business courses but doesn’t BA mean Bachelors Of Arts?

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Most degrees (all?) are going to be a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS). A BS degree generally requires you to learn the technical aspects of a field. For instance if you were learning computer science it would focus on actual programming and coding and network management and stuff. A BA is … kind of everything else. Learning the philosophy behind a field, though it will also get technical to a degree. A BA in administration makes sense, there are some technical aspects to it but primarily you’re learning the science of communicating and managing and organizing work and people.

It is mostly the choice of the school and how it is organized.

The most common degrees are [B.Sc](https://B.Sc) and BA. But nowadays some universities break down their faculties and differentiate the degrees into things like B.Eng (bachelor of engineering) or B.Arch (architecture), BBA etc. There is no fixed rule here – it boils down to the history and tradition of the university.

I could have gotten a BA in mathematics, but a BA required a year of language, so a BS was easier