What does it mean when one says metaphysical “approach “? Metaphysics of “dance” ,”Presence”,” books” etc.?

What things constitute Metaphysics and what things don’t ?

I know the textbook definition of Metaphysics but I am unable to grasp how does one apply that word to sentences /phrases like given above. So please explain.

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Someone else can correct me if I’m wrong on this but for dance as a specific example, The metaphysics of dance would be focusing not on the “physics” of dance(how to dance, when to dance, where to dance) but on the concept of dance.

What is dance? What does it mean to dance? What is the line between other motion of the body and dance? Why does dance exist? What purpose does dance serve?

So less about actual processes and more about meanings and definitions.

Strictly speaking, it’s a branch of philosophy that asks questions about reality.

Realistically (hah!) speaking, it’s used when people don’t want to say “magic” and is gibberish devoid of actual meaning. Your examples appear to be this context.

It’s just about higher level concepts generally. So, you observe a bird egg and first you discover that a bird laid it, that there are more birds, more species of bird, more animals in general, all of life, evolution happens, that is a process of matter changing, matter is made of atoms, atoms are explained by quantum physics, and that’s where we currently are. Metaphysics is then the discipline of considering what the explanation the next level up may look like. What’s behind it all?