mitosis Vs meiosis



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In: Biology

Your body is made up of little units called cells. Each cell contains your DNA which is basically a chemical recipe book for proteins. In humans, each of our cells has two copies of every recipe. (Sometimes called “diploid”.)

In Mitosis, a cell duplicates all of its DNA, then splits into two new cells. The child cells are diploid and identical to the original.

In Meiosis, a cell duplicates all of its DNA, does some mix n matching, then splits into two new cells. And then splits again. This makes four child cells that are haploid (have only one copy of each recipe).

Meiosis is used exclusively in humans to make sperm and eggs. That way, when they fuse during fertilization, the DNA recipe counts end up “normal”. Mitosis is used for all other growth of your body.

Mitosis is going to make cells exactly the same with all the same genetic material that makes up you. It’s how your body grows or replaces damaged cells. Meiosis is for creating a new being, not a clone and not cells for you, so it randomly chooses half your genetic material because the purpose is to get the other half from the partner and combine the two.

Mitosis creates **2** cells that are genetically **identical**, so basically copy-paste. Meiosis instead creates **4** cells who are genetically **not identical**.