My home’s cable connection hasn’t been updated since it was put in 30+ years ago, so how can it continually get faster and faster as internet speeds improve?


What terminal enhancements are being made? Is there a limit to how fast it can go?

I’m getting 940mbps over a copper wire. Blows my mind.

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The line from the box in your neighborhood has likely been replaced a few times. Even that last section from the box to inside your house is the same..short cable lengths don’t mess with signals that much.

According to the tech who installed my new cable drop the top end for coax cable is 2500-2750mbps even the ones installed when my house was built in 1976. Given the rising number of households not sharing that bandwidth with a cable tv signal and rising profitability of higher internet speeds teaching those caps will not take another 50 years.

I can’t tell you the exact numbers on things but the cable is not much different then it’s been the last 40+ years. Rg6 cable has been used for 20-30 years at least and still is. Rg5 could be what you have in the house and it’s not much different. But the wire drop to the house has most likely been upgraded. The cable itself is very basic. It’s the equipment that has been upgraded.

1- ask your internet provider to come over and do a rewiring, most probably u gonna be charged under 100$.

2- ask your provider about fiber optics if they do, (if u r in NY, NJ, CT, NC most probably u gonna find Optimum fiber there and they’re pretty cheap even cheaper than copper and coaxial cables and also provides same speed for both upload and download.