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How does pc water cooling work? Also, wouldn’t it just short circuit the pc?

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All the components are isolated from the water, they transfer heat to metal heat spreaders, which immediately transfer it to a sealed closed loop of water.

The liquid coolant only flows through a closed circuit that doesn’t come in contact with any components, only heat spreaders attached to components.

The hot liquid passed through a radiator that discharges heat to the surroundings, usually assisted by a fan

The entire system is enclosed, the portion that goes from either the CPU or GPU doesn’t have water come into contact with the things they cool those transfer heat thru thermal paste (special compound that has great heat absorption and transfer properties) from the part thru the thermal paste to the metal surface which then has the back of it actually a whole bunch of little metal fins that look like window blinds right? Those are called micro fins and yes they are tiny and have a shit ton of em so water or whatever type of coolant you use can get in between them all and pull heat.

The water or whatever is actually running across that Being pushed out the other line through the radiator there’s all those other friends to dissipate heat across them so by the time the water comes back down and makes a complete cycle through it’s cool that it’s constantly moving heat away from these parts.Theoretically could definitely short circuit a PC if it’s not properly sealed however in theory I could also take my entire computer put it within a bathtub full of water take it back out and just not plug it in until I am absolutely sure there’s absolutely no moisture anywhere then edit and it could also theoretically work my hard drives might be fucked but it might work thats only a major concern if you have a leak. You’ll know if you have a leak very quickly if you do a custom loop which is where you create all your own piping by cutting and bending the tubes the way you want it or you have whats called an AIO Which stands for all in one that’s a close system sold by major retailers that you literally just plug and play with basically there’s anti-growth within the line to prevent microbes and bacteria and what not from growing and it’s sealed so you never change the water there have been cases where those eventually start leaking but it’s extremely rare.

Water cooling well there’s the argument it is better for temperatures which gives you to theoretically better performance and also drastically depends what you’re doing with the computer and there’s typically only a big computer enthusiast investment because it can be quite expensive but it is dope air cooling is perfectly fine for most people however. I have an AIO.

PSA: if you think water cooling or improving your PC Temps in anyway will make your room or play space cooler since you pc is running cooler you are wrong. It will make the area hotter if its in say your bed room bc your pc is even better at dissipating heat and will make your room a swear lodge at times like summer.

Its the same way water cools an engine really. Water doesn’t come into contact with anything it could short out.