planting millions of trees is awesome but I am asking myself: where are they come from?


A tree takes a crazy amount of time to grow. There are many charities and people planting trees to do good. Like, I heard of some Mr. Beast planning to plant millions of trees. I really like doing stuff for our environment, but where are those trees coming from? They mostly don’t plant seeds. You see mostly little trees.

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They are usually cultivated in an arboretum – a “tree nursery”, if you so will – until they are big enough to be planted at some less-ideal location like wherever those charities are trying to replenish lost forests.

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There are tree farms that plant them and grow them, where they can be grown closer than they’ll be in the wild since they will be moved before maturity, and where they are tended to to maximize growth early on, through optimal watering, fertilization, etc.