please explain logic behind this movie line.

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“Man or woman” asks George in movie Phenomenon during the test scene when asked “how old is a person born in 1928”.

I understand the dead or alive and timezone part but don’t get his it matters if it’s man or women. Is it just bad writing?

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bob is just dumb, gender doesnt matter for this question, and neither does still being alive. None of the follow up questions really matter except the time, date, and location, but those arent really relevant to the question.

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It doesn’t. It’s a movie trying to portray an extremely smart person, written and directed by normal humans, and you can’t write anything smarter than yourself. The best they can do is make him talk fast and say mysterious nonsense, then wave their hands around pretending like if we don’t understand him it must be profound.

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It doesn’t matter. It’s a movie, and even clever scriptwriters aren’t always clever. Or it’s supposed to make you think George is being pedantic rather than inquisitive (or at least make it seem like Bob thinks that at the beginning of the questioning, based on his exasperated tone after a few questions).

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The intent is to show that he’s frustrated by these pointless and trivial questions. He’d like to be given more information and be asked something more difficult.

It’s not that it has any bearing on the answer to the question. It’s that he doesn’t like conversation and wants to steer it elsewhere, ultimately leading to him demonstrating that these basic assessment questions are a waste of both their time.

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I don’t know the movie but I assume it’s meant to show that this character is not able to understand the unspoken intent behind a question, a trait commonly associated with autism.

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He’s giving himself more time. The stopwatch is stopped while the question is reframed, so he gains a bit more time to do the calculation.