Please explain Luhmann’s Zattelkasten notetaking system

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I get that there are reference / fleeting notes but how do you number them not based on the subject and how do you see how they connect to each other later or when deciding to write something?

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Basically every idea you have you write it on a note card and create an indexing system where you point to ideas that are connected.

Say you think of “LEGOs are a brickbuilding system” you write that and its associated ideas on a card. Tomorrow you have an idea about brickmaking methods and kilns, so you write that down and make a connection between those two cards. Then you write something about ancient pizza ovens and you connect it to both LEGOs and kilns.

At the end — supposedly — you’ll have this “analogue brain” where you have downloaded all of your “best” ideas into the Zettelkasten and created a physical database.

From that point you can write a book, or a paper, or a theory and all of your ideas are there, with notes that connect one idea to another for referencing.

I’ve never done this, but I was following this totally psycho chad entrepreneur on social media and it was all he talked about, so I wound up learning a lot.

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It’s like a web of notes. Number them as they come, connect based on links, not subjects. Helps see relationships when writing later. Hope this helps.