please. What makes a predatory animal at a time chill around what would be dinner on a different occasion?


Howdy everyone, I’m just amazed by the clips that I see of lions for example when they are just hanging out with other animals that are usually their food but not kill them. Like what flips that switch? Hunger alone? Like u could be sitting next to a tiger and it goes from chill mode to lemme see ur neck real quick in a matter of a second? I think a 5 year old would explain my question better than me but if anyone got what I meant plz eli5.

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Imagine you just ate Thanksgiving dinner and you’re chillin’ all fat and happy on the couch, then Gordon Ramsay walks in with the best meal he’s ever made. You’re not going to want to eat it, and you’re especially not going to want to chase Gordon’s car down the street and wrestle him to the ground to eat it. You’d probably be fine just laying on the couch starting at it… Until you made enough room to eat again

They like to play with their food. If it’s a child, they might want to attract the mother too. They know they can eat it whenever they want and do it not long after the video.

For the same reason that you don’t just automatically devour everything edible in your line of sight: you aren’t hungry. Animals eat when hungry. When they aren’t hungry, they don’t eat.