: Question about calories from sugar sources


I had an argument at work. Imagine the following situation: A man is on a deserted island with no food but just water. If the man survives with no food until the last day (the day he should die of starvation) but instead on that day he finds a 2L bottle of regular cola and drinks it. Will this alow him to prolong his life for a fay or 2 or more or will he still die from starvation?

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At that point, he’s gonna die. Too far gone for some simple sugar to save him.

If he found the 2L early on he could use it for energy. In that case it could delay his eventual starvation somewhat.

Humans need more than calories/sugar, they need nutrients to support metabolic processes and electrolyte balance for cellular health. If you were to go from starving to suddenly fed, you’d suffer from Refeeding Syndrome. Your body wouldn’t have what it needs to break down the sugar into usable energy and process toxic byproducts.