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When did we find out that horses needed shoehorses?

When it was a cobblestone street it must have been very slippery.

How did we find out how to put them on horses without hurting them, like with nails and the scrapping?

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Cobblestones and hard surfaces will wear through a horse’s hoof. People who owned horses noticed this.

Anyone who owned a horse probably had to pull thorns or other such things out of their horse’s hooves. So it would have been well-known that hooves aren’t very sensitive and you can drive nails into them e.g. to attach horseshoes

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Once horses were domesticated and began being used to work in agriculture, people noticed that horses hooves wore out faster than the horse did and it was a problem. Along came blacksmithing and a solution to that problem was worked out, horseshoes. Their application and optimal shape naturally developed over time through trial and error.

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