Short term memory loss


I’m asking this question because i was so confused because if you lose that memory wouldn’t you also have long term memory loss because the memory is lost.

In: Biology

It´s not like a “chain” of memories with a start and an ending. Long term memory refers to things of the more distant past. A person with loss of short term memory can forget where they were half an hour ago, but still remember in detail their wedding from 20 years back.

Memories are stored as connections between neurons in different parts of the brain. Short term, working memories are stored mostly in the pre-frontal cortex. Explicit memories are stored in other parts of the brain and things like muscle memory are in the cerebellum. So if something damages the prefrontal cortex, you might lose the ability to store short term memory, but it doesn’t affect the existing memories stored elsewhere.

Basically you can’t make new memories easily but the old ones are still there.

I assume you can still make memories, they just need to be bigger things. Like you might forget to turn the stove off, but you would remember your house burning down as a result of that.