Showering- How does swapping from the bath faucet to the shower faucet work?


In most (if not all) shower/bath systems that I’ve used, you pull that little metal ‘switch’ thing to swap from ‘bath mode’ to ‘shower mode’. I’ve sat in showers and pondered this on and off for the last 15-odd years of my life, how does this work?

Bonus question: why does turning the shower off automatically cause the shower to swap back to ‘bath mode’, as opposed to requiring a bit of force to swap if the shower is on?

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It’s just a spring loader piston that steers the mixed hot and cold water to either the bath faucet or shower head piping.

It’s spring loaded to push into the bath position, but designed so the pressure of the water is enough to keep it in the shower position (but once you turn off the water that pressure is gone).