Signal Jamming

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When Jamming is employed by.. let’s say the military against another military …the Group doing the jamming…how does their own signals not get jammed as well?

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You jam specific frequencies.

The military doing the jamming wouldn’t jam their own frequencies as they know what frequencies they are using.

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A few options. The most fun being:

1) Frequency hopping:

Say you have frequencies 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 that you are jamming. You’ll jam 1, 5, 7 and 9 while transmitting on 3, then, the jammer will stop jamming 5 and start jamming 3, at the exact same time your transmitter stops transmitting on 3 and starts transmitting on 5. This presumably happens multiple times per second, so unless you are also in sync with the frequency hop, you’re getting jammed.

2) Alternate communication channels/types. For instance, jamming cell signals while using satellite to communicate.

3) Directional antennas can be used to create a “cone of silence” which jams signals in specific area/direction, rather than in a circle with the jammer at the center.

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You’re trying to talk to somebody. I come near you and shout as hard as I can. I shout so hard that you two can’t hear each other. This is simply how jamming works.

This doesn’t stop me from talking to somebody else by written communication.