Splitting a RG6 coax cable?


Why shouldn’t I split my coaxial cable that feeds into the house for my internet so I can set up something for my smart TV across the house to run ethernet without having to run it through the house

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The amount of signal coming from the cable company is finite. It’s strong enough to run down their backbone with just enough to feed each home. Every time you put in a splitter it attenuates the signal. The more attenuation the worse you internet connection will be. Also, the long the wire, the same thing. connecting the modem at the closest point to the source is the best. Ethernet is designed to carry just an internet signal. With Ethernet, the longer the wire, the more attenuation. However, you can’t split Ethernet. You have to use a hub or router to split the connections. Hubs and routers also act as repeaters. Repeaters essentially repeat the signal giving it more range. So every time you split it, you are boosting the signal again. Cat5 and cat 6 Ethernet cable can run back and fourth a few times in the average home before it needs to run through a repeater anyway. Back to coax.. there is typically enough signal for 1 or 2 splitters from the main connection. The cable company usually knows how many and or the tech that installs it will use a test to measure the signal and will be able to see if the signal after a splitter is optional for cable modem. But you always better off running the modem as close as you can to the source and running Ethernet or using WiFi.