Statistic numbers could apply to me even if the numbers are low.


Hi Guys, Recently i read about that the possibility for you to be in a plane crash is so low ( 1 in 5 million ) . And as the numbers say that it’s unlikely for me to be in such position. So, my question is : aren’t these numbers apply to everyone?, and if so, what do you say to the people who died in a plane crash who know that the possibility for them to die in a plane crash is so low for them to die but they died anyway? and why statisticians assume that it’s unlikely for me to die in the next plane crash if the numbers apply to everyone?. So, please explain to me like i’m five

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Several points here.

Firstly millions of people fly, so some are going to be involved in a crash just by the numbers of people flying.

Secondly plane crashes are more likely in areas with poor quality of maintenance, pilot training etc.

Finally large passenger jets are less likely to crash than smaller planes.

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